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This is an Article on Mangalacharanam

The old sanctuaries of Konark, Puri Jagannath, Khajuraho, Lingaraj and several others bear the most excellent portrayal of stances and signals of Odissi move. Under its stylish facade lies its quintessence of otherworldliness and the journey for acknowledgment of the Divine. In this evening’s presentation “Shivaradhana”, the craftsman will investigate and venerate the aspects of Shiva and his associate, Shiva through conventional and new movements.

The Mangalacharan is the customary invocatory thing of Odissi, It starts with bhoomi pranam. This is trailed by Isthadeva Vandana for an auspisious starting. It finishes up with a trikhandi pranam in which the artist offers greeting to God, the Guru and to the group of spectators. This Mangalacharan depends on Rudrashtakam, an arrangement of Sage Tulsidas.

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