Aim and Objectives

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Aim and Objectives

1. To conduct research in the field of vedic Astrology and to revive the lost heritage of Glorious ancient past civilization and culture of spiritual and Sanatan Dharma.

2. To develop ability in extracurricular activities, and participate at regional, national or international level along with curricular activities.

3. To work for the spiritual fulfilment  of people by taking them to a higher  level of unconsciousness, and guiding them to a transcendental level of universal understanding and  cosmic awareness.

4. To offer the media, opportunity to contact To impart education in Sanskrit, Vedic Astrology , Ancient Science, Like Vastu, Yoga, Meditation, Numerologv, Palmistry and Any Occult Science To create a common platform for them with all high pattern of Discipline.

5. To represent the interests of professional astrologers to both the public and the media.

6. To support members in situations where a member may be experiencing difficulty. Hostility or legal pressure front either the public or the media.

7. To produce a Consultants List and to advertise widely in order to promote the services of its members and encourage the professional employment of its members.

8. To produce a regular Newsletter for its members, enabling them to keep in touch and network with one another.

9. To protect the public from professional astrological malpractice and offer the public a safe, fair and reliable service.

10. To protect the good name and image of professional astrology in the media and to the public.

 11. To respect the dignity and worth of every human being and their right to self-determination. To accept a responsibility to encourage and facilitate the self-development of the client, whilst having due regard for the interests and rights of others.

12. To preserve the confidentiality and anonymity of a client and all material relating to a client. To take great care in the publication or presentation of case material and to maintain  n that anonymity unless the client otherwise agrees.

13. To ensure that a client is made fully aware of the method of working, the duration and ,nature of the consultation(s) and the fees involved before any work is undertaken.

14. To ensure that potential clients, whose needs are beyond the competence of an individual astrologer, are referred to appropriate individuals or agencies

15. To refrain from offering any medical, legal or financial advice to a client on astrological grounds unless the appropriate skills or qualifications have been obtained.

16. To refrain from making public comments or predictions on the personal or emotional life of public figures or on the state of their health. Any comments on public figures should be concerned solely with the role for which they are known, and should not be made in a manner likely to bring astrology or the Association into disrepute.

17. To maintain the highest standards in all dealings with clients, and to refrain from behaviour likely to bring astrology or the Association into disrepute.



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