Meet the NASA Engineer Who Secretly Practices Astrology

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David, a NASA engineer, has envisioned about working in aviation since the third grade. What his colleagues don’t have a clue about: He’s been enthusiastic about crystal gazing for nearly as long, and is a rehearsing stargazer.

For an hourly rate, David offers readings on the ends of the week to customers. He’s thinking about composing a book about his technique for perusing natal outlines. Be that as it may, he stays quiet about this enthusiasm firmly in light of the fact that he’s apprehensive shame against soothsaying in established researchers and among admirers of space science, the investigation of heavenly items and wonders, can cause issues at work. (David isn’t his genuine name—he consented to this meeting on the state of namelessness.)….

“I’m basically in the closet. It sounds terrible but I don’t know how else to phrase it,” he said.

both astrology and astronomy date back at least thousands of years, with logs of observations by astrologers playing a main role in modern meteorology and other studies. Until the last several hundred years, many astronomers including—famously, Johannes Kepler— openly studied or practiced astrology and believed celestial bodies had an impact ……

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